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You will find flower arranging and floral designing extremely interesting and relaxing.

There is a large variety of flowers and foliage available and many different designs to choose from.

You will impress family, friends and acquaintances with your new found skills and you will be surprised at how much you will be in demand. Flowers will always be needed for weddings, birthdays, mothers day, anniversaries, bereavements, get well wishes, new babies and many other occasions. You will be surprised how quickly you will be able to arrange a lovely centerpiece for the dining room table.

No Previous Experience Needed. We have had students from all walks of life. They have ranged from 14-80 years of age.

We are an International floral designs school and have students from many different countries around the world, including many in the USA.

The course is divided into three terms. Each term has ten practical lessons.

Instruction Manual. In each term you will receive a floral design instruction manual which is most comprehensive. The first term manual has 262 pages with easy to follow step by step illustrated instructions for each lesson. The manual is full of information with hundreds of floristry and floral design tips and techniques with photos and illustrations. You will find
this floral design manual a valuable and informative reference book during and after you complete the course.

All Materials Are Supplied.
We provide all floristry accessories for each term such as bowls, baskets, corsage and presentation boxes, floral foam, bowls, bases, ribbon, cellophane, bouquet holders, cards, wire and floral tape.

Ample materials are provided for you to complete each lesson successfully.

Fresh flowers are not included with the materials as you would appreciate these would not last.  You do not have to use expensive flowers for your lessons. A simple bunch of carnations or chrysanthemums are ideal to use while you are practicing. These flowers last well and are easy to handle. You can often buy flowers at a reasonable price from weekend markets.  Many types of flowers and foliage that grow in the garden can be used.

Freestyle Designs. We include instructions on how to make many modern free style floral designs. Once you have learnt the basic lessons you can then go and create your own artistic freestyle designs.

When to pick flowers. How to condition them for the longest possible life. The use of preservatives. How to treat woody stems. How to seal the ends of certain stems. Special treatments for camellias, orchids, roses, violets, water lilies and gardenias. How to handle flowers. How to treat wilted flowers.

Tools Needed. A minimum of tools are needed for floristry. These include wire snips and scissors.

Florist Accessories.
You will be working with the same bowls, baskets, wreath bases, foam, cellophane, posy holders, wire, tape and ribbons that professional florists use.

The Various Styles of Flower Arranging Vertical, circular, triangular, horizontal, crescent, mass, and modern designs.

Latest Contemporary Floral Design Styles and Techniques
These include European designs, parallel, vegetative, landscape, new convention, new wave, waterfall, botanical, framing, basing, grouping, layering, terracing, binding, biedermeier and pave.

The Rules of Balance and Proportion.
These are basic rules used in flower arranging.

Texture. Using different textures together to give more interest to your designs.

Harmony. How to use materials that harmonise together.

floral arrangement

Correct Placement. Where to position flowers and foliage in a design. How long to cut each stem. The order in which the flowers are placed.

Different Flower Shapes. How to use different flower shapes in a design.

Dramatic Flowers. Using dramatic flowers to show them to their best advantage .

The Focal Point. Where to place the focal point in an arrangement.

Colour. The meaning of colour. Choosing colours that complement each other.

Wiring Flowers and Foliage. The various methods of wiring flowers and foliage are fully explained.


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