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Floral Design Being a florist and floral designer can be a very exciting and challenging career. Many people of all ages, from other working backgrounds are being retrained and entering the florist industry.

If you are considering a career in floral designing you should enjoy working with flowers and be willing to learn all aspects of the floristry profession. You will need to be able to arrange flowers in an attractive manner and be a reasonably quick worker.

In our floral design and floristry school we teach you how to create floral designs for all types of occasions.
As a florist is dealing closely with the public, you should have a genuine liking for people, and have a pleasant and helpful manner.
Flowers touch the emotions of other peoples' lives. Customers ordering funeral tributes are often relatives or close friends of the deceased and may be emotionally upset. As a florist, you will need to be sympathetic and understanding.

A florist has the pleasure of helping a bride-to-be select just the right flowers and type of bouquet for the most important day of her life - her wedding day.

The florist shares the joy and excitement when a proud new father comes in to order flowers for his wife in hospital.

Floristry is not all glamour. There is a lot of hard work and long hours involved. The duties in a florist shop will include:-
Floral Arrangement
  • Unpacking stock as it comes into the flower shop

  • Conditioning flowers and watering plants

  • Pricing merchandise and displaying it attractively

  • Attending to customers

  • Answering the telephone

  • Completing orders and making up floral designs for the  florist shop

  • Making sure the florist shop is clean and tidy

  • Keeping book work up to date

  • Changing the florist shop window display


Floristry and floral design courses. Learn to be a floral designer and florist and create corsages, flower arrangements, basket designs, European floral designs, traditional and contemporary floral designs, gift boxes of flowers, funeral tributes, bridal bouquets, wedding designs and posies. Flower shop management and retail florist training. Study floral design and floristry for an exciting career. Our floristry school will teach you hundreds of floristry and floral design tips and techniques. View photos of different styles of floral designs and floral arrangements.

Floral Design School